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The Linguistic Typology of Templates ebook
The Linguistic Typology of Templates ebook

The Linguistic Typology of Templates. Jeff Good

The Linguistic Typology of Templates

ISBN: 9781107015029 | 280 pages | 7 Mb

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The Linguistic Typology of Templates Jeff Good
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Linguistic typology is not only concerned with variation, but also with the limitations on the degree of These are only a few examples of the large amount of. Navbox templates relating to linguistics. Research on prosodic typology has become increasingly popular. Questionnaires can be an important tool in linguistic fieldwork for a variety of reasons. Template:Linguistic typology topics - Wikiwand Linguistic typology · Morphological · Analytic · Isolating · Synthetic Linguistics templates. In gathering the data for a language description or a typological work. Institution: Corpus Linguistics, Historical Linguistics, Typology, Areal Linguistics, West Germanic. Morphology: Templates… Comparison. Morphological complexity as a parameter of linguistic typology: Hungarian as a contact The examples to be discussed in this paper concerning different uses. The pages listed in this category are meant to be navigation templates. English: The man saw the vessel. Word order typology, continued. California State University at Sacramento have interesting implications on linguistic typology and linguistic universals. It is generally assumed that Creole languages form a separate category from the rest of the world's languages. Germanic Linguistics and Literature – English and Dutch. Linguistic lexical semantics (Wierzbicka 1992, 1996, 1999; Goddard 1998, 2005, typology and a well-developed set of analytical techniques. Essays by one of the most influential scholars in modern linguistics, Linguistic theory and theoretical linguistics 4. Desmeme - Database and tools for exploring linguistic templates.

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